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A consensus has formed around a belief that production of high-value horticultural crops needs to be re-integrated within urban economies. Food sheds containing a spectrum of small to large scale commercial ventures are envisioned. Achieving this goal will improve consumer access to key agricultural products.

Hantz Farms works with universities, businesses, and foundations to study impacts of commercial agriculture on "quality of life" in Detroit, Michigan.

As agricultural production is established on the city's lower-east side research and educational initiatives will measure impacts of farm operations on:

Hantz Woodlands is available to participate in education and consulting work that assists leaders in expanding and improving urban agriculture as a new commercial sector within urban economies.

To find out more, contact Mike Score, President at (734)973-2701 or by e-mail at View the Brochure here
*Fees for education/consulting services and expense reimbursement are negotiated with each request.

Detroit Today

Hantz Woodlands is transforming blight to beauty as vacant, abandoned properties are converted to fields for new agricultural production.